I'm going there Someday

I'm going there Someday

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Good News: I have not had ANY Dr. Pepper!! I have been tempted many times, but resisted. The hardest time for me is when I go run errands. I love to get a DP or a treat while I'm out and about. But I am determined not to drink and DP. : )

I ate good Sunday - Thursday. I had one slice of birthday cake on Sunday night, but besides that I didn't have any treats or unhealthy snacks.

I exercised Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.


Bad News: On Friday morning Drew, Hadley, and I flew to Salt Lake to visit Drew's grandparents. So... here comes the In-N-Out... Cafe Rio...
I can't go to Utah and not eat at those special places. : )
But that's not it... Grandma stocked up on my favorite candy, and I can't offend her buy not eating it.
Plus Grandma has been cooking these huge meals!!

Conclusion: I did pretty good at the beginning of the week, then I gave in. We get back on Wednesday. So I know I will continue to not do as well. But then I will be right back on track in Texas!!

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  1. ugh, im totally facing the same thing! I came to my grandmas (here for a few weeks, she had surgery) and she has mounds of candy in the closet, half and half and whole milk in the fridge, and lots of coke. Not to mention she says shes been having a "hankering" for a blizzard. So were just gonna have to get one!