I'm going there Someday

I'm going there Someday

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Drew and I decided to go to Brazos Bend State Park this weekend. There they are known for the abundance of wildlife especially alligators. The first 3 hours we spent there all we saw where birds. During the last half hour we were surprised to see many alligators. There are not fences around any of the animals. They are free to roam wherever they like...

Here is one with her mouth wide open. She was very aggressive and not happy about something. This is their nesting season and we assumed she had some babies near by...

Drew's Birthday!

Do you want any birthday cake with that whip cream?
Grandma made a wonderful birthday dinner for Drew the night before we left for Houston. This was Drew's only celebration because on his birthday we drove 15 hours to El Paso. We did go out to Olive Garden that night, however when I told our waitress it was Drew's birthday she didn't understand he wanted dessert. They came and sang to us but didn't bring any ice cream. Drew was quite disappointed!