I'm going there Someday

I'm going there Someday

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Final Fifteen!

While pregnant with Hadley I gained a total of 50 pounds, okay maybe a few more. When I first found out I was pregnant I thought I'd only gain 25. That would be a healthy amount, right!? Wrong, I ate and ate and ate! By 20 weeks I had already gained 25 pounds. Well now I'm paying for it. I easily lost 30 pound in the first 3 months. Then lost about another 5 in the next few months. But since Hadley was six months old I haven't lost a single pound. Starting in January each week I say to myself I am going to do better... but it just hasn't happened yet. Finally I decided maybe if I blog about it I will be accountable not only to myself but to the few people who read our blog.

So why do I want to lose the weight? It's not just about the number, but it is a little bit. It is also about the way my clothes fit. I am not willing to by a new wardrobe. I would like to be able to wear my jeans all day and not be in pain from the marks on my hips. I would like to look in the mirror and not think " wow I look pregnant in this!" I want to feel good about myself. I want to be healthy! I want to be healthier than I was before I got pregnant. Yes, I was small before I had Hadley, but I wouldn't consider myself super healthy. I was not in shape and I did not eat the kind of food I should have been. While I was pregnant I have hypertension. I had to be on medication and was induced 2 weeks early. This did not make since to any of my doctors. I was young and "healthy". I hope that if I'm in good shape for my next pregnancy I wont have to go through that. Maybe it wont make a difference, and that's just the way my body responds to pregnancy, but either way I want to be healthy! I want to be a good example to Hadley. She wants to eat everything I do. If I eat fruits and vegetable she wants fruits and vegetable, if I eat candy and chips she wants candy and chips.

What am I going to do to lose the weight?
1. No soda. At least for 16 weeks. This is going to be that hardest thing for me. I L-O-V-E LOVE Dr. Pepper! But it's no good! Empty calories. Caffeine. Doesn't hydrate you. NO GOOD!

2. Limited sweets. Very limited.  Now I can't cut out chocolate completely. That is just unrealistic. But I think a treat once a week is okay!

3. Lots of water. I often get headaches during the day and I think its because I don't drink enough water. Not only will it hydrate me, drinking a glass of water before I eat will help me to fill more full and to eat less.

4. Smaller portions. I don't plan on really changing what we eat for dinner with the exception of more vegetables and smaller portions of the main dish.

5. Fruit & Veggies. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. That's it! Just do it! If I want a snack grab and apple, not a handful of chocolate chips. Smoothies is a great breakfast and great way to get lots of fruits and veggies. Bonus: Hadley also loves the smoothies.

6. Fast Food. This one is also difficult for me. I will admit I love fast food. Lately its been mozzarella sticks from Sonic. But I need to limit it. I'm not going to say I will cut it out completely, because sometime I just don't want to or am too tired or don't have time to make dinner. But if we go out maybe try Subway or if I get a hamburger-- no fries. And of course no DP.

7. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! I should be able to exercise 5-6 days a week. Lets face it, I have time. I watch several hours of TV a day. Hadley ALWAYS wants to go "Bye, Bye." She would love it if we went on more runs!!

My goal is to loss fifteen pounds in 16 weeks. I would also like to lose 5 more. But I'm going to start with 15.  If I am strict I think I can do it. It is also important to note that this need to be a new Lifestyle for me. This is not just a diet! I am going to blog each week to see how I have done. And will weight myself every 4 weeks.

I also have motivation clothing. The Christmas after I had Hadley I got two skirts I have not been able to wear them yet. I hope that in 16 weeks I will be able to wear them!


  1. You go Dani!I'm glad you posted this. Im trying to loose 10 lbs and taking off that last little bit is hard. If it helps motivate you, I will be reading your blog and cheering you on in your goal. Have you tried P90X or heard of it? I did it before I got pregnant and am doing it again now. It seriously makes me feel so good. When I exercise and eat right I feel SO much better and have way more energy. I run too, but I like P90X better cause you can do it at home and it builds muscle...fast. And the more muscle you have the faster you burn fat. Ok, that sounded like an infomercial, but you should check it out. If you want results you have to give it full commitment. But whatever you choose, I am excited to hear about your progress and challenges :)

  2. woohoo!! you're a great motivator!! someday I'll have that much will power! You are right about the clothes thing... I have no excuse of pregnancy, just that I like to eat crappy... when my clothes are not fitting right, I can tell, and so can everyone else, cause like you said, it's not like we'll go out and buy a new wardrobe, and lets be honest, who wants to go buy "bigger" clothes???? NOT ME!! I'm excited to read about your progress! In the mean time, let's keep working on getting our husbands new professions so we can be closer to our families!! grrrrrrr. :)