I'm going there Someday

I'm going there Someday

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bennett Clark McDonald: Birth Story


I have always had the desire to have a natural birth. I think I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. When I was pregnant with Hadley I knew I would get an epidural. It was my first delivery and I was just so scared of the unknown. With Porter I felt it was difficult enough to loose a baby that I should not have to feel the physical pain on top of it. So when I got pregnant with Bennett I was determined (kind of) to do it naturally. I did a few weeks of hypnobirthing and that was the extent of my preparation. I figured if I just decided to go natural I would do it.
Initially I was very against being induced. I figured it would be a lot harder to go natural if I had to be in the hospital hooked up to monitors the entire time. I would be constrained to the bed and not to mention the Pitocin. I knew that would make my contractions worse. But after finding out this little guy was six pounds at 35 weeks I started to get scared! The last thing I wanted was a C-section. So we decided to induce on the 12th, if he didn't come before then.
At 36 weeks my cerclage was removed and I have my last shot of progesterone. I figured he'd come within two weeks... Nope. He was sure comfortable in there. Which is good. He needed to continue growing and developing!
June 11th I had my last doctor appointment. I had not progressed. Drew and I went to get some dinner and then checked into the hospital. By the time they had me all hooked up (5:30 pm) I was already having contractions on my own (they had not started any medication yet) and was dilated 4 cm. My doctor came to check because he didn't believe the nurse. Sure enough I just have a long cervix, but was dilated. My doctor thinks 4 cm is just where my body "hangs out" and that's why we had the issues with Porter. Anyways, they decided to continue with the plan and started me on cervidil. My contractions continued getting stronger. By 11:30pm I was convinced I'd have a baby in a few hours. However, the contractions gradually slowed and no progress was being made. Between the contractions and just being anxious I slept maybe two hours that night. At 5:00am they started my Pitocin. When the doctor came in at 8:00am he broke my water.
I was able to get a little nap in before my contractions became stronger. My new nurse came in around 7am, and boy I was lucky to have her! There was no way I could have done a natural delivery without her. She had a few children herself. The first was with an epidural and the others without. So she was very supportive of a natural birth. She spent SO much time in my room helping me to get in different positions and with breathing as the labor progressed. Around 11am I was 6 cm dilated and was feeling pretty discouraged about it. Of course my Doc . offered the epidural, but I remained determined to have a natural birth. Drew was also awesome during my contractions! He followed directions and did exactly what I needed to help get me through the contractions. He applied pressure to my back, rubbed my feet, and during transition breathed with me during my contractions and gave me encouraging words when I was about in tears. About 1:45pm my nurse checked me again. I was almost there and wanted to push so bad. After a potty break she said I could push 2 times to see if I was ready. On the second push he started crowning! The nurse called for help and told me to stop pushing. If you've ever had a natural delivery you know that isn't easy. After just a couple minutes my doctor came in and I as allowed to push again.
Bennett was born at 2:10pm. He was 8 pounds 3.6 ounces and 20 inches long. APGAR 9/9. Although he did have a lot of facial bruising. Poor guy!!
After he was born they put him on my chest and it was all worth it! I instantly felt better and was ready to go home! Then I remember I still had a placenta to deliver and had to receive some stitches for the episiotomy. Drew got to hold Bennett during that time. We love our little guy so much!





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  1. Way to go Dani! I'm glad you had a good nurse, that makes all the difference in the world.