I'm going there Someday

I'm going there Someday

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hadley is ONE!!

I can not believe Hadley is already one year old! Time has gone by so fast. On her birthday Hadley had her one year check up. The poor girl got 4 shots. (I'm so mean to schedule that on her birthday.) Then we met Drew at work and went to lunch at a little Mexican restaurant. In the evening Hadley opened one present from us.
We waited to finish celebrating until thanksgiving so that Drew's parents could be there. I made a HOMEMADE chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. (my first time making it completely homemade, it was good!) Hadley enjoyed her cake! Then Hadley was spoiled with lots of presents from family!  She got cute clothes, lots of books, and a toy camera, cell phone, blocks, birthday cake...

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  1. I can't believe she is already 1 years old! Happy Birthday to Hadley!!! And she already has a cell phone! Love it!!!